About Me

Hello, my name is Pierre Chapuis. I am a software engineer. I design and implement scalable, reliable, durable software systems with low TCO. I live in Paris, France.

I enjoy working at startups, on their core product. My main defining trait is what Werner Vogels calls a strong sense of ownership: the software I write and the systems I design actually matter to me.

I believe small teams can achieve a lot. Do not ask me to manage the 10x growth of your engineering team, ask me to find ways to prevent that from happening in the first place.

The common thread of my career is working with data storage, replication and synchronization systems.

I have professional experience in the fields of:

I have used various programming languages and tech stacks professionally, and I am not religious about it. For personal projects I use Lua (and now Teal) since 2006 and I am part of its community.

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