About Me

Hello, my name is Pierre Chapuis, and some people call me catwell, both online and offline. I live in Paris, France.

I am a software engineer with a generalist skill set. I have a Network Engineering degree from a French Grande École and an MSc in Distributed Systems from a British University, but my interest for computers and programming started way before that (in 2000, at age 11) thanks to Linux and the Open Source community.

I enjoy working at startups, on their core product. My main defining trait is what Werner Vogels calls a strong sense of ownership: the software I write and the systems I design are important to me, and I will always go the extra mile to make sure they are running well. I never merely implement specifications; I always make choices that take into account the needs of customers and the strategy of the company.

From April 2010 to December 2013, I worked at Moodstocks, a startup specialized in image and object recognition on mobile devices. I was their first long-term employee and worked on many things. I left in December 2013; Moodstocks was later acquired by Google in July 2016.

From January 2014 to February 2019, I worked at a startup called Lima on a distributed filesystem. I joined Lima as a developer on the Core Engineering team; I ended up leading it and becoming the software architecture go-to person for the whole company.

After Lima closed, I co-founded a startup called Chilli, with the goal of solving SaaS distribution to SMBs and SMEs. It was an eFounders project. We closed it in September 2019 for business reasons.

Besides work, I am involved in a few software-related communities, particularly around the Lua programming language. Less recently, you may have met me through projects aiming to decentralize the Internet, or in the Redis community. I also regularly read and talk about research topics such as distributed algorithms (replication) or homomorphic cryptography.

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