About Me

Hello, my name is Pierre Chapuis, and some people call me catwell, both online and offline. I live in Paris, France.

I am a software engineer with a generalist skill set. I have a Network Engineering degree from a French Grande École and an MSc in Distributed Systems from a British University, but my interest for computers and programming started way before that (in 2000, at age 11) thanks to Linux and the Open Source community.

I enjoy working at startups, on their core product. My main defining trait is what Werner Vogels calls a strong sense of ownership: the software I write and the systems I design are important to me, and I will always go the extra mile to make sure they are running well. I never merely implement specifications; I always make choices that take into account the needs of customers and the strategy of the company.

From April 2010 to December 2013, I worked at Moodstocks, a startup specialized in image and object recognition on mobile devices. I was their first long-term employee and worked on many things. I left in December 2013; Moodstocks was later acquired by Google in July 2016.

From January 2014 to February 2019, I worked at a startup called Lima on a distributed filesystem. I joined Lima as a developer on the Core Engineering team; I ended up leading it and becoming the software architecture go-to person for the whole company.

After Lima closed, I co-founded a startup called Chilli, with the goal of solving SaaS distribution to SMBs and SMEs. It was an eFounders project. We closed it in September 2019 for business reasons.

Since November 2019, I work at Inch, which makes a CRM / ticketing solution for property managers (think specialized Zendesk Suite).

Besides work, I am involved in a few software-related communities, particularly around the Lua programming language. Less recently, you may have met me through projects aiming to decentralize the Internet, or in the Redis community. I also regularly read and talk about research topics such as distributed algorithms (replication) or homomorphic cryptography.

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